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Coronavirus Update - Effect on China Suppliers

As some of you already know, “Chinese New Year” is a 1/2 month long holiday in China. This year it began on January 25th and lasted until February 8th. But after Chinese New Year, public transportation was shut down in…

15 February 27, 2020
'Discontinued' Kits

By customer request, we have made a web page showing all of our discontinued kits: You can also click any picture to see more information about that k…

116 February 20, 2020
Countries We Ship To

The following link is a list of the countries currently ship to. (This link is also found at the bottom of our website.)

9 February 23, 2019
Kits That Share Limbs

As requested by many, here is a list of all of our kits that share limbs. The link below is a page that shows kits that share limbs. (This link is also at the bottom of our website.)

5 April 4, 2018
'Out Of Stock' Kits

To view our Out-Of-Stock information, visit the below link (also found at the bottom of our website.)

3 January 4, 2017
About the Announcements category 3 September 8, 2014
Introducing Michael! New Realborn Prototype on eBay! 62 February 27, 2020
New Realborn® Michael on eBay! Reborn by Jacqueline Kramer 10 February 27, 2020
New Release! Beautiful Johannah Awake is Available Now! 9 February 25, 2020
New Realborn - Aspen Asleep is Coming Soon! 10 February 21, 2020
Another Gorgeous Johannah Awake Prototype, reborn by Alexa Calvo 7 February 21, 2020
Introducing Realborn Phineas! 2 New Prototypes on eBay! 3 February 19, 2020
BB Crystal Box Opening by the Real Crystals Mother! 7 February 17, 2020
Ending in 12 hours! Toddler Amelia Prototype is Available on eBay! 2 February 17, 2020
Gorgeous Realborn Elizabeth Awake Prototype on eBay Now! 2 February 17, 2020
Bountiful Baby Jewel Reborning Contest! 211 February 17, 2020
Gorgeous New Johannah Awake Prototype on eBay! Reborn by Jacqueline Kramer 4 February 8, 2020
New Release! Gorgeous Realborn® Alma is Here! 18 February 6, 2020
Massive Snowstorm dumped 8 inches overnight. BB Closed for today (Monday) 16 February 4, 2020
The “Sale” kits currently on our home page are likely to SIGNIFICANTLY change next week! 5 February 2, 2020
New, Gorgeous Johannah Awake Prototype on eBay! Reborn by Marie Gambus-Metayer 4 January 28, 2020
Introducing Johannah Awake! Prototype by Anna Sheva, on eBay now! 10 January 23, 2020
Recent Pricing Changes at Bountiful Baby! 11 January 22, 2020
SECONDS Prepainted Fawna is Now Available and on SALE! 1 January 16, 2020
ALL Kit Prices Have Been Reduced! PLUS Additional Discounts On OVERSTOCK KITS! 8 January 15, 2020
New Alma Prototype! Reborn by Alexa Calvo, on eBay Now! 20 January 12, 2020
It's a Realborn Christmas! 12 Different Kits, $12 Each! 59 January 6, 2020
"12 Kits for $12" Has Left Us Behind On Shipping. Please Be Patient 7 December 29, 2019
"After Christmas" Specials! 1 December 26, 2019
New Release! Gorgeous Leilani is Available Now! 3 December 20, 2019