A baby you wish you hadn't sold


What kit have you created, that you sold. When ever you come across the picture you wish you had kept it?
Post a picture, this is mine. Summer Raine


I wish I’d never sold my Spencer!




Out of the 27 dolls I’ve made, this is the only one I regret selling…


My Serenity.


Buy the kit if possible and reborn one again hopefully you will love it as much .


I guess I’ve made almost 700 babies, so it’s hard to say for sure, but I was kind of partial to the first Miranda that I did, so I made another one and loved her, too…LOL…love her face :heart:


I have another summer raine. I’ve thought about it.


My Ashley. I just loved her


Odelia :frowning:


Your Miranda is my favorite. I just love her. I love when she pops up!


My googly eyed Paige
Look at her face…she looked equally surprised by the sell lol.




My Sailor Rose :sob:


My Meg. He was a cutie and so much better than any of my previous babies. I sold him way too low as well. :sob:


My Joseph. :slightly_frowning_face: The lady he went to is super sweet though so I couldn’t have asked for a better mommy for him. I did buy another kit and am going to recreate him for my own personal keeper. I will use him as a model to show people what I do when I don’t have dolls for sale.


I love Summer Raine




I’m working on Ashley for my aunt right now. Love her. I didn’t like the painting of her hands she’s so small. Now that I’m rooting her I’m in love. My aunt already know she’s getting it so I’m happy I have another kit.


My Milo :cry: except for the big pearl earrings!