Acrylic hair painting Question


I was wondering what to add to the paint and thinning medium to get more of a 3D look rather than flat painted lines . Is it thick medium? If so can i buy any think medium from Amazon that is for acrylic paint.
Thanks in advance.


Thick medium is used to ‘raise’ the surface a bit, so to speak. People use it on painted hair or eyebrows sometimes, so you can feel it when you run your finger over it.
Is that what you want? If so, what type of thick medium you buy depends on what paints you’re using.


I want something to mix with the paint as when im applying it its really flat looking and drab if that makes sense . I was wondering if adding anything would help create smoother and more realistic strands x


Have you tried prisma pencils? Some people get great results with those.


@deedee2413 yes tried with some German artist quality pencils and the result was awful lol


You can alsouse liquitex matte super heavy gel, it’s usually used for impasto techniques and retains brush strokes really well. If you do use liquitex paints, the heavy body paints themselves retain their brush strokes well when used straight out of the tube.

My worry would be the flexibility of the coat. Personally, I’d reccomend doing most of your hair flat and then going over a few strands with your thick paint to enhance the light areas for dimension. If you build up a lot of texture there is the possibility of it wearing down or flaking off in the future. Of course, the longevity of your paint depends on the mediums you use, but that is always something to consider.


First of all, I have NOT yet tried this medium but I bought this to use for the very purpose of painting some texture in the hair. I think that it would be better only to use it for part of the hair painting, maybe on top of the head. I will try because I have been practicing painting hair, ill let you know how it works out.


I would also worry about cracking. I make my hair look kind of 3D with use of color alone.

Terrible picture, but this is what I mean:


@DollyPardon Gorgeous results , do you use thinking medium ?


Thanks @Lil the product looks interesting. Would love to see your outcome :slight_smile:


@pantheisticsolipsist thank you very much for such advice :slight_smile:


Nothing, @Shosho. I use acrylic paint, so nothing but a drop of slow dry for hair.


@DollyPardon Ohhh ok now I know where I am going wrong lol


The same place where I used to go wrong, I’m guessing? Lol @Shosho I used to thin the paint too much, not realizing that for hair painting it had to be thick. So for the underpainting I’ll thin it a bit more, but the top coats are very thick. I mix only a small bit at a time and barely add a half drop of slow dry, then work very quickly.


@DollyPardon What shades do you use for the blonde?
Can’t believe it you learn something new everyday haha… tomorrow will try your method :grinning:
Do you use a whisp brush at any point. I’m wondering if i need to buy one.


I use a rake for some, then a script liner for details. The colors are hard to name, because I make them up as I go. I’ll start with a light brown, add light flesh tone, make mid tones, lighten further, now it’s a highlight.


I like to seal my hair with Genesis Satin Medium. It does require heat setting just that but it works well over acrylic hair. I brush it on with a stiff brush so it has brush lines and gives a little dimension to the hair.


Thanks @anjsmiles i will see if i can get hold of the satin medium x


Can you use a heat gun on that or do you have to use an oven?


You will need to bake it in some type oven because the sealer is thicker and it takes a while to set. I usually bake mine 10-12 mins and take it out to cool. Squeeze it carefully after it has cooled to see if any of it looks white when squeezed and if it does bake again. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 bakes if I have applied it thickly in spots. Don’t use your home oven though. I use a table top convection oven on my back porch. Others use a NuWave or Turkey Roaster.

Here is a close up of Tacy’s hair so you can see some of the texture lines there.

When doing the budget babies, I just seal their hair with the RebornFX 2 in 1 sealer. It does not leave texture but has sheen which IMO makes the hair pop a bit more. It is quicker and easier to do but less 3D which is why I only do it on my cheaper line dolls. Here is the way it looks.