Acrylic hair painting Question


Ive been thinking about using the genesis sealers. Ill have to look into the ovens and enlist the help of my husband because, from my wheelchair I don’t need to be trying to remove baby parts from an oven, even these types. I also need to be careful of any and all toxic chemicals. Due to my illnesses and medications Im very sensitive…but you can’t deny that there is no air dry product that can produce that effect.


@Lil its not worth risking your health hun


Gorgeous results :astonished:


Your use of shading is wonderful!


Where do you order your slow dry from, and are you using GHSP? Thanks for your help. I learn so much from you lovely people.


On this hair it was babyfx and a drop of Jo Sonjas (Not sure if I’m spelling this right) slow dry because it’s liquid like the babyfx one. And thank you. :blush:



Lil- I use a tabletop convection oven (looks just like a Nuwave, with a nicer price tag.) That way I can “bake” out of doors and bring the pieces inside when ready.


I was looking at this one


@anjsmiles any air dry alternatives or a more 3D look ?


MacPherson’s did have a Texture 3D medium for making hair lines and tear ducts. I do not see it on their website. You would have to write them through the help desk to see if they still carry it. I have a sample jar of it here but I have not really tried it out.


@Lil That oven needs an extender ring or you will burn your parts. I don’t know if that one has some available but other brands do for sure. If you don’t use it the parts are too close (head especially).


It says it has one, I don’t know if I will bother with it, at least not now but thank you for the information. If I do decide to start using the Genesis varnish/mediums, Ill have lots of questions.


@Lil, have you tried the 3D Matte Gel yet?


Not yet, I still don’t feel confident enough to paint hair. I am waiting for a new brush to come in that was recommended and then Ill try and I promise to let you know how it works out :wink: