Active Reborn Guilds


**Anyone here a member of any active Guilds? I have been looking around and so many look like they aren’t actively in use… And some, like the Exceptional Reborn Artistry Guild are by invitation only. Is it improtant to be a member of a guild? If so, can you give me an idea of which ones are the most useful I see alot of ebay listings with guild logos included. **


It is good to be a member of different guilds that will give you the oppertunity to grow and strive for better reborn techniqes and improving on your skills. The Guilds usually have a contest on a monthly basis that have catagories like best hands/feet, best rooting, most realistic,best complexion etc. All of these different catagories allow you to strive for improvement. Who ever wins at the end get a banner that has the Guild on it alone with what catagory they won and they then move up.

I am a member of ERA Guild and all you have to do is register. Once they check you out then they allow you to join the forum.

Hope that answers your questions.


Can someone tell me the difference between a guild and a forum? Just wondering. I don’t really make enough dolls to sell to need to have the extra awards. At least not yet! If I sell any more, my husband may tell me to start doing this full time! Too much else to do in life. Plus health issues that keep me hurting too much to do anything. So I’m not much competition for you experts but I am enjoying your company!


JMO but a Guild is more to improve on skills where people share tech and try to improve to be able to put their babies in for an award. They still have a forum etc.
Just a doll forum is just that “a doll forum” where people come together and talk about dolls,tech etc. Usually no awards for improvement skills.
Hope that helps. Maybe someone has a real diffenition.