AD Grace for?


I have an AD Grace I would like to trade for maybe some cute outfits or a kit of some kind. She does go a little gray, but I put her in the sun and it fades. I did strip her but I don’t think I have the patience to paint her. Hit me up with what ever you have.


I am very interested and would love to see a picture of her. I tried to search for her but there a feww AD dolls named Grace and i do not know which one you have. What exactly are you looking for in exchange? I have a great variety of kits and baby clothes…



She is the God Bless You Grace. I don’t know how to put a pic on here:( I’m not really looking for anything in particular. What kits do you have that you would be willing to trade?


I have the following BB kits -

Blinkin - boy or girl
Standing Tibby

I may have a few more out in my workshop… Do any of these interest you?



Maybe Tibby. Do you have eyes and a body for her? I’ve never done a toddler though. Got anything else?


Yes, both eyes and body. I am not currently at home but will let you know later when I get home.



Okay, so I also have the following -



I’m leaning toward Tibby. I’m nervous bout a toddler kit. Do you want to pm me your address and I’ll do the same?


Sounds good… I ended up with two standing Tibby kits and one sitting kit so it will be good to trade one out. I checked on BB and they recommend 22 or 24 mm eyes. I have a pair of Artistique 22mm violet hazel eyes and a pair of 22mm lt. Brown/caramel colored eyes - both of these are half rounds. The only 24mm eye that I have are a pair of full round glastic realistic eyes in blue - you will need to pop off the back half on these or insert the eyes from the inside and secure in place with e6000 glue. Which would you prefer?

I will PM you with my address and look forward to getting yours. I will ship this off to you in the morning with delivery confirmation and would appreciate if you did the same. I will get back to you with your delivery confirmation number after I ship off your kit.