Amelia by Joanna kazmierczak


Anyone perhaps have a kit for sale? I have ine beautiful Amelia completed by someone and rooted by someone else and the root Im not too happy with. Problem is, she’s been de rooted and re rooted twice and in scared her head won’t be able to handle another one…so I might take thr L and just have her repainted.


I sure wish I had one, but if I did, she wouldn’t be for sale, so that wouldn’t help you a bit. I love that baby.


Me too. Beautiful.


I second that, Amelia is my favorite baby in my collection.


MacPherson has her included in their hard to find selection, only available with MacBucks. I imagine she’s hard to find everywhere, and anyone who does have her is rightfully going to want more than list price for her.


Surely there’s a way to build up the scalp to handle more rooting. Extra varnish maybe? I bet some of the experienced artists on here would know how.


I tried that on a bun spot on a head it’s taken me a month and still not finished rooting(I haven’t had much time lately lol). The spot is white and very thick so I had to root her thick. She looks good but like a toddler. It’s for a toy doll for a three year old so it didn’t hurt anything.


Maybe I can try to find someone on here to do a reroot on her then. I’m hoping her little head can take it.


I do not have a blank kit but I have a compete reborn for sale…


I’ve seen her! I love her! She’s on my favorite bookmark! <3