Another tv topic, what tv shows from the past you wish they would bring back?


Wonder Woman
Six million dollar man
The love boat
Bionic woman


Original twilight zone! :jack_o_lantern::hocho::zombie:‍♂️


Friends! That was such a good, funny, escape from the drama of real life kind of show. :heart:


Star Trek on regular TV. I agree with Twilight Zone, lol!


Yes! I love Star Trek. My favorite is Next Generation. What’s yours?


Dexter, House, and Nurse Jackie


It still come on. I don’t remember what channel tho or time.


I can’t stand Star Trek. Any space shows.


Sliders, Roswell, Buffy and Angel. Quantum leap, the real nightrider, my so-called life. The classics!


I liked knight rider as well.


Oh I watch it all the time. I thought you meant like new versions of old shows. :slight_smile:


I just thought of, Chips, the 2 motorcycle cops. Rescue 911


Yes, it’s the old versions that I still see on tv.


We’re Star Trek fans in this house. Did you watch Firefly? I know what I’m watching tonight. I’m going to watch Serenity the movie from that verse.


House is still on tv. I watched it when it first came out.


Is Dexter worth powering through? I’m at the part where he’s dating that girl.


Yes. It was my favorite series ever. I was so sad when it ended.


They still play House reruns, but the last episode aired several years ago. :frowning: The nice thing about having a terrible memory is that if I wait a few years, I can start all over and watch them from the beginning and it’s like a new show to me. :slight_smile:


Penny Dreadful made me sad too. I think Eva green is very unrecognized by directors. I miss Orphan Black as well.


Well I know now, I’m not alone. I could watch a Show last week n watch again this week n not remember what happened. I know I seen it but just don’t remember what happened.