Another tv topic, what tv shows from the past you wish they would bring back?


This happens with books or movies where I know I watched but I can’t remember when or what it was about.


Threes company , Neil , the Munsters and Vincent price movies. And Friday night videos (which I no is dating me but it was fun to watch)!


I was going to say X-Files but it’s been :white_check_mark:


@Msmimi04 LOL! I walk around with my head in the sky!
@RebornReflections I don’t have a favorite I love all of them!
@Theara My family loves Star Trek too!!


Prepare to be amazed. Star Trek World is possibly in the works at Universal Studios and Star Wars land is almost complete at Disney.


Yes, Munsters!! Adams Family, Green Acres, Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat Junction, Rhoda, I Love Lucy, Mr. Ed, Leave it to Beaver. I could keep going. Lol


Designated Survivor!!


@kimomax The Andy Griffith Show, Gomer Pyle, Lassie, Dennis the Menace! :smile:


Fantasy island


Dark shadows




We used to run home every day from school to watch Dark Shadows, lol! @taylorsgirl


I absolutely LOVE Firefly! I really wish they brought it back.


Oh, yes! Keep them coming!


I liked fantasy island too, da plane da plane :joy::joy:




I loved Orphan Black and I think they could have kept going with the stories that but poor Tatiana Maslany that must have been really hard to play all those roles! It probably was just too hard to keep going.
I also miss Sleepy Hollow but it really killed the show when the actor who played Abbie left the show.


What’s that about? Sounds interesting!


Tatiana Maslany is another that gets almost no recognition. Her costar who played Phoenix is another. He’s not even British. He’s Canadian and has blonde hair! The whole cast was spectacular. They all were so unique. The one who played the brothers was probably tired too! They really let the fans down with that ending.

What’s Sleepy Hollow about, is it like the movies?


I have a sore stomach but I needed that lol!