Any thoughts on this one coming Feb They added Painted Pic


I really think he is cute but nothing to show what he will come out like yet unless you guys have seen him and could post I like the half torso idea .
Rocky Sylvia Manning


I like him and i like the fact that hes bigger but i’d like to see prototypes of him before i officially say yes i want this kit… With me i have to see like a million versions of said kit before i really like the kit enough to buy.


He’s one I would have to see the prototypes first but ever since I did Journey. I love the 3/4 torso.


Kind of what I was thinking he looks adorable and I do love half torso better than full ones haven’t done any of this artists sculpts yet either .


I want him. Love open mouths and one leg straight. So natural looking. And he has dimples…yay!


Is that a BB baby?


Not that I have seen.


No I saw this on another site I thought he was really sweet irresistibles has him on their site .


He is so adorable!! I’m curious to see how a body like that will feel when held.


His body is just like Journey’s and he was still quite cuddly. I think having the cloth bottom and vinyl upper as opposed to the other way around really made the difference.


Awesome! I love that cuddly factor:)


I love the half torso that way. It would be great with dressing and it’s cuddly too!


When I first saw the kit I knew I would get him. I love the 3-4 torso so much. Reminds me of Amelia’s torso. I love big babies and his dimples are cute.


I really like him. I’d reborn him in a heartbeat without seeing a single prototype. How big is he, anyway?


23-24 inches


Appears like he is going to be a nice size boy 23- 24 inches according to the write up .


I think he is adorable!


He is adorable!


I love it even more in color .and by Jacky


I love that face. He looks really big though. I prefer newborn size.