Anyone else super hands & feet picky?


I have been so busy with birthdays, graduations, yard work & getting my outdoor spaces summer ready I haven’t been able to paint. But at night I still watch videos/tutorials & look at kits. I’ve noticed I REALLY love the look of certain hands and feet verses others. For example the look of Bonnie Brown’s Sharlamae’s. So realistic looking. And Adrie Stoete’s kits. What BB kits do you think have the best hands and feet?


Johannah and Alexa limbs I love, and the way Jades legs can pose.


@katieperry I will study those closer!!!


I am working on londyn right now, I just love her limbs and her little face as well


Yes!!! Love those fingers and toes!!! That’s what I’m talking about, lots of dimples, creases, rolls & open. :blush:


I feel the same way. I love the limbs on the expensive kits, but I just cannot get myself to buy one until I know I am not going to mess it up.


That’s EXACTLY how I feel!!! :rofl:


I love the Logan limbs, especially the feet. I used them with Brooklyn’s head.


I know what you mean. I have bought a few nice kits but am to afraid to paint them.


I think I am going to have to add Logan to my WANT list. His limbs are adorable. That is a good idea, switching the limbs with a different head because Brooklyns face is so adorable.


@Phassell those toes are ADORABLE :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I got her head in a box of test heads and just had to find her the perfect limbs.


I know. I bought another Logan kit just to have the feet! They really are adorable.


I like Ashley’s legs and feet a lot! Very newborn-ish. Any kit by Bonnie Brown has amazing hands and feet. These are Chase & Tink Brown’s

IMG_0589 IMG_0683

And Smilla Altenkirch has the sweetest tiny feet!


@MilosMeadows You’re right! Those are great hands and feet!


I like wrinkles but not so many that they look like they’ve been soaking in the tub for hours lol Bonnie Brown does the perfect amount on hers, and they’re not so deep that they look like wounds.
Smilla is just my favorite baby right now, everything about her is charming. Even the fact that I have to roll up all her sleeves because she’s got t-rex arms :rofl:


@MilosMeadows you described exactly how I like them, just enough, not too deep, lots of character. I need to check Smilla out now!


She’s so sweet! Just be warned that her vinyl is hard in case you want to root her. I warmed it with a rice sock and it was fine. She’s really cuddly and delicate. I would keep her if I could


I like newborn Joseph hands and feet.


@MilosMeadows she is SOOOOO SWEET!!! You did a fantastic job on her. That middle picture you took is perfection…