Anyone else super hands & feet picky?


Those are precious little feet and hands. I haven’t noticed them before.


I love Neveah’s limbs


Don’t judge me but I am looking forward to painting Scarlet’s limbs, lol! She will be one of my Halloween babies. She is a custom order.


@Anne no judgement! I just looked at her, she’s got great open fingers and cute toes! And I like her grumpy face :blush:


I just finished Tink by Bonnie Brown and I think her hands & feet are the cutest !!! I just love the open hand, BB has mostly closed fists.


I like Logan’s and Jewel’s limbs especially for BB. I am also picky about limbs. I passed on Tobiah, a face I love, because of the angle of her foot 9n the straight leg.


@Rosa05 I love Tink’s face too! But she’s so little. That’s the only reason I haven’t got her…


@Peachtree I love Tobiah’s face too! So sweet! But the limbs have to be right too…


She is tiny, but not as tiny as I thought she’d be. She is just so adorable, I love holding her :hugs:


@Rosa05 you might be swaying me!


I’m just saying, she’s worth it :rofl::rofl:


Tink is amazingly sweet! I made mine ethnic and he’s just so precious. He’s got the perfect hands to hold a finger, which is great for photos. He fits a Carters preemie perfectly. I have mine in a monkey themed set that is so precious. Here he is next to Smilla (19 inches) and Tinky the Elf (17 inches) so you can see his size. The tiny silicone baby is 8 inches long, I don’t know his name I bought him second hand. I’m not home right now but I can take a better picture once I get home


OMG your Tink is SOOOOO ADORABLE!!! Well ladies, Tink is in my list now. :blush:


I have better pics I’ll show you later! He’s really sweet and so cuddly even though he’s little. Just make sure to wash the kit really well, I had some issues with the thighs and upper arms taking paint unevenly but mine is ethnic so that could be a paint problem too. Just in case though lol


@MilosMeadows YAY!!! More pics :blush:


I loved NB June’s hands and feet:



@kareninflorida they are great, but you made them AMAZING! Wow you always amaze me with your skill…


Thank you! :blush:

Adding Levi’s hands:


Yes, I just love her fingers too ! 20190513_185954|375x500


Tinks fingers :heart::heart::heart: