Anyone else super hands & feet picky?


OMG those fingers!!! And that face in the pink outfit - so sweet, a heart melter…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you :blush:


I LOVE toddler Betty’s feet. I painted these cute toesies


@pipgirl_el WOW!!! They look so real!!! You are AMAZING :blush:


Here we go! Tink is 17 inches and Smilla is 19. Here are some comparison pics. She has tiny hands and feet but they’re so sweet! Sorry bad lighting, my studio needs to be cleaned and organized so I’m in my room right now. And just one of Mr.cuddly by himself cause he’s a lot of fun to hold. So is she though lol


I can’t get over how adorable Tink is!!! It’s official- I must have one!!!