Anyone from Australia


Hi there,
My name is Sharron and I live in Queensland Australia. I have been collecting dolls for a couple of years and have just started reborning (working on my first one now).
I just wondered if there are any ladies on the forum from Australia? and also if there are, is there anywhere online in Australia to buy supplies cheaply? I have been buying my supplies from the U.S. but shipping is very expensive.


I know there are some places in Australia only because I used to run across them when I was trying to start reborning. Try a google search using reborn supply and australia. I know there is also a company in New Zealand if that helps any.


Thanks I did a search and found a few suppliers here in Australia but VERY expensive, 1oz of Genesis paint costs $20, BB does 2 oz jars for $9.99, the belly plates that BB sells for $7.95 will cost me $30 here and kits that I can get for around $30 at BB cost $80+ in Australia. So even with the high cost of shipping, it is still cheaper to get my supplies from BB.
I just have to wait until I can make up a large order to make it more economical for shipping as to ship a small item is expensive. I do have friends in the U.S that are happy to ship stuff out to me though so that helps if I need just a few things.
I am shocked at how much things cost to buy here in Australia, I guess that is why reborn dolls cost so much here, the ones I have in my collection all come from the U.S.
My dream is to get good enough to make and sell dolls (eventually), even if I just made enough to cover my cost to start with that would be great.


The cost of living has always been higher in Australia. My family immigrated to Australia in 1962. I was only 9 years old. We do have family in Brisbane Qld and on the Gold Coast. My father just could not adjust to making such a smaller wage and being a man of small weak stature, he just could not handle that Aussie beer! We came back to the United States in 1968. I did miss my cousin a whole lot but I still email her a lot and we speak. I still have vegemite, I did acquire the taste for it when we lived there. My cousin sends it to me when I need it. My cousin does not reborn but she is familier and is aware of the hobby and I think that she said that she may know somebody that reborns. We lived in the suburb of Hendra outside Brisbane and I went to Hendra State school and Hendra High.


Hello from australia!!! Im in Victoria. I ordered my supplies from all different places BB and ebay. There is a few businesses that sell supplies. My mum is one who sells on ebay.

Im the co founder of dreamtime babies guild in australia. If you would like a link to our website PM me, we are also on facebook.
Are you going to the winter wonderland doll show this weekend? There is a lot of artists going. Not me… too far!! LOL