At least respond n tell me no thanks


So yesterday, a step mother of a family member messaged me on fb. She stated she wanted me to make her daughter a doll for Christmas n did I have time. I told her yes. She said she wanted her to have a lot of hair so her daughter could comb the hair and African American. I told her the hair should not be combed every day n that I always include care instructions with the doll. I asked her what size, newborn or like the size of Lillian ( whom is Olivia now).she said the size of Olivia. I said ok and told her it would be 275.00 n 25.00 for shipping. I also told her I usually ask for a deposit, but I wouldn’t with her. Along with the pricing, I asked did she want open eye or closed eye? She never responded. Up until I gave her the price she was responding, once I stated the price she hasn’t responded. Why not just respond say, thank you, but I can’t afford or don’t wanna pay that much. I’m not the type to message her and ask do you still want it. Cause if she did, I feel she would have responded. I’m gonna make a couple to sell for Christmas n will post on my page as usual. If she wants to but one of them then she can.


Yeah, the polite thing would have been to respond…all it takes is a yes or no.


Right, I would have understood.


I get that same kind of response (or lack of response) sometimes. It’s rude. But sometimes they actually come back several days later and respond and end up being great customers. I wish there was an easy way to filter time wasters. But I guess it is what it is.


She probably though you wouldn’t charge her much.


I guess I would be tempted to write her back and ask if she was still interested.


The problem here would be for me…Don’t I get a discount since we are family? I hate when family and friends want one because I know this is what they will think.


Suggestion is Always get the nonrefundable deposit! You might have missed a real bullet here.


$275 for a custom is CHEAP!


That’s what I was thinking too. My daughter has 2 dolls that I didn’t charge her for. So maybe she did think it would be cheaper. But it sure wasn’t gonna be free.


Well she just said AA with lots of hair. I thought that was a good price. I was gonna say 300.00


I’m just gonna leave it up to her to respond.


You didn’t ask that much. People want to much for nothing.


Yep. I don’t think many people realize the amount of work that goes into this. Few of us profit big. Most of us can’t really justify much of a discount. Maybe explaining it as a “job” saying you basically make mimimum wage and asking you to take less would be comparable to you asking them to give you part of their paycheck. You wouldn’t expect them to do that. So they shouldn’t expect you to do it either.


That is a great price! Perhaps you should make up a standard pricing documentation to send when you have a request like this and send it at the beginning of the messages. This could help eliminate the back and forth, plus waiting on response.
I’ve never quite understood why people think we should work for free. Bet they get paid every time they go to work. Just because we do this at our homes doesn’t mean we work less than we would at an away-from-home job.


sometimes more… they actually leave their job, we see our work 24/7 … advantages to both


It is a GREAT price. Mine would have been $400 or more. :joy:


Aggravating … I have spent hours with potential customers and searching for kits and they do the same thing.
I don’t mind helping a customer at all but i hate it when they just stop responding. I would much rather they say well gee I can’t afford the one i want the most right now …at least something.


Tell her that is a discount and then if she doesn’t accept sell it for more.


Maybe you could send them links to McPhersons kits and ask if they see any they like. Then they would also see how much kits cost. You could also mention something like that if they still want it for xmas they need to let you know ASAP because you will have to find and order suitable mohair, and what sort of eye they want and point out the cost differences between good acrylic and Lauschaer crystal eyes. Explain that to root the head will take you 20 hours over couple of weeks(or whatever you do - I cannot root for more than an hour a day). That way she will realize how much it costs and takes to make the doll.
She probably did not expect so much; maybe she is deciding what to do. When people see kit for $50, they do not understand how much all the other materials add up.