Baby clothes for sale mostly boutique updated! reduced price


I have a lot of dressy baby clothes i have picked up over the years. I am not going to use them and am tring to downsize. They are mostly girls but there are a few boys outfits too. Some are still on hangers and some have tags. Two ir three are vintage but were so cute i couldnt pass them up. Some have yellowed around places on collars but i did not want to try to wash them. They have all been stored in a tote so i apologize for the wrinkles. I want to sell them as a lot together. Sizes vary from preemie and on up. The little red outfit

and the tiny 3 piece pink dress outfit i believe are bitty baby outfits but would look great on a preemie. Ask any question. Ill try to answer. Shipping would depend on where too. Im asking $150 for all. I know these are hard to find and expensive retail but i just need to move them. The large yellow dress and hat set were specially made for a doll of mine. It woUploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… uld proably fit a Tibby size doll.


There are 21 or 22 outfits total plus the 2 crinolins. I dont know why they didnt all download


I’m interested in a few of these if you decide to break up the lot. What size is this outfit?


It does not have a size. I had it made for a doll of mine. She was toddler sending pics with a tape measure beside it so u can get idea of size

sorry for the lighting. My room is dark and my camera isnt so good. It has thread loose where lace attaches but can be tacked back easily. I can take $20 plus shipping. Paypal only friends and family only. Let me know if u want it thanks


Let me think about it. I’m not comfortable with friends and family payments. I’ve been burned on here before. I’m overly cautious now. :wink:


I understand. I know i can say im honest but u sont know me. Lol. Juat lwt me know


You could always offer to pay $2 extra that will cover the fees pp charges. I would not pay f&f either.


Yes that would work for me if anyone us willing to do that. That is a great idea thanks so much for recommending it.


PayPal fee is only 3 percent.


If you are willing to split these up, I would be interested in these… how much do you want for them?



How much for the blue one?


This one? I think it is a preemie. I would do 10 plus shipping. Ibo

i could prob put it in. A small flat rate box or i could put in envelope. I take paypal also


If u want it u can paypap me goods and services. Add $1 for fees. Plus shipping. Send me your shipping address too. Just let me know. It has the hat and bloomers with it too


It’s a little more than I wanted to pay and I think it might be too big. I was thinking of it for realborn Emmy. Thanks though. :slight_smile:


Yes it would prob b too big fir a realborn. Would prob fit a big toddler.


Realborn Emmy is a toddler.


Oh sorry lol. I had it made for mt old BeBe from spain. She is big and it was still longer.


Do you still have any of these?


Do you have any left? image


Yes i do. I only sold 3 pieces so far