Baby clothes for sale mostly boutique updated! reduced price


Yes this is still available. I only sold 3 pieces. I think i may have pisted pucs of what sold


Mcnair6 post show the 3 i sold. All others are still available. Also i have another bubble suit like the one she purchased without the hat


I want the one I posted


Did the dark pink sell yet? If not, what size is it?


That on is tiny liIke a preemie but no bigger. I want $15 plus shipping for all three pieces. Let me know if you still want it, it is still available.


Which one are you talking about? Can you post the pic?




Interested but how long will it take for you to ship? I need the item by Friday.


I can ship tomorrow if you pay tonight. What state are you in?


This one is like a preemie size I think it may be a bitty baby outfit. I am not sure though. IT is great quality. It is more of a red with white checks in it too. I will take $15 plus $10 shipping for it. I always send my things priority mail so it costs a little more. Let me know if you want it. Thanks


My papal email is
You can send friends and family or goods and services, it doesnt matter to me. Just let me know. I will put it in my car tonight so i will have it tomorrow to ship out.


You can send me a invoice. I sent you a message


No thank you


I am open to offers also. I wont be offended. I really need to move this stuff. Thanks


Pictures of the three I purchased are above (in the post where I asked about them)… they are beautiful! So glad I got them. :slight_smile:


Is this still available


No, that is one of the ones I already purchased… it is gorgeous!


We have great taste lol. If you ever put it on a baby I would love to see it on!


No sorry


I just sent invoice