Baby clothes for sale mostly boutique updated! reduced price



what size are the first 2 and the size on the bottom and is it a gown?


They are all newborn. I think the last one is a little long dress. It is so cute!


I have only sold 4 of these outfits out of all of them. The rest are still available. I will take $100 for all of the rest and I will give a deal on shipping if you buy them all.


How much for the two pink dresses? (not white).


Ill take $10 for the peter rabbit set and Ill reduce the other to $5 because it is a little dirty around the bottom edge. Shipping would be $9


Are all the ones pictured still available? I’m not sure which items have been purchased.


I’ll take both. My paypal is


Which ones do you want? I just want to be sure before i send invoice


The Peter Rabbit dress and the other pink dress you said was a little dirty at the bottom.


I’d like to know wha5 you have left


Yes please it is hard to tell now what is left unsold, thank you


is this still available, what size is it and how much?
I would like it.


I haven’t received an invoice yet. I did not know if you sent it and I just didn’t receive it or what. I just did not want to delay paying you.


I am so sorry, i have been busy with personal stuff and work stuff and this is the first chance i have had on here. It is so hard piecing all the stuff out and i am not sure what i have left. I will try to get pics of what all i have left today. I would love to sell all together. I will entertain all offers too.