Baby fx


Where can I get baby fx paint


they went out of business. Irresistables had some left


Is there a good air dry paint out now ?


I love my RebornFX paints from MacPherson’s


Rebornfx or golden fluid


@Granna The only new one I know about is Ultimate Fusion. I may give them a try after it has been out a little longer. I use Liquitex Heavy and Soft Body


I love my WaterBorne from Hunnybuns supplies. They are very reasonable and are lasting a good while.


Do u have the link to hunnybun




I use Liquitex Professional Soft Body and Hard Body paints with a little Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel mixed in with the paint and water. I just buy them at Michael’s.


I have some liqutex paints I haven’t tried yet.


I wanted to add Che’air. I don’t use them but they offer a ton of support, free classes and a forum.


I wish i had the nerve to switch from genesis to air dry. It seems so confusing to me with all that seems required to get it right. I just don’t believe I could do it. I do have Christine Woolley’s hair painting kit coming with some of the fx paints and i am hoping this will help me get over my fear of air dry paints.


Air dry has a learning curve, but I love not having to wait and bake and cool between each layer. Best tip is work in sections as it will spot on you if your not careful.


My paint streaks or spots. It looks better when I work in sections. The beauty blender helps me too.