Baby UNO - Fun Game! Come Play!


Thank you, I didn’t make her, I am her second Mommy, she was done by Priceless Reborns


Oh well she’s beautiful. Are u talking about latoya from pricelessfem?


Yep, Kalea, I hope I spelled her name right made her, she is on you tube doing her box packing, I got her off of Ebay. I was lucky, really wanted one of their babies and got a good deal on her


I was gonna put latoya or her wife but couldn’t spell her name either…lol yes they make beautiful babies with a beauty of hair


Christmas baby


Happy face



Boy with elf

No matter what picture I post they all come out sideways :upside_down_face:


I have the same problem ! What kit is he ? He look like my older son, so cute !


:smile: I dont understand I try different pictures in different directions and is still came out like that. He is Harlow by Laura Tuzio


Sitting boy - sideways! UGH!


I wish the board would stop flipping photos. Since one of the updates it’s been doing this.


Me too!!!


Maybe if we post them turned sideways they will post the right side up lol.


Boy Sitting blue eyes

I got it. Is the size. If the picture is long it is getting flip


@AmandasBabies it worked, but now you can’t see the face lol


Here is an old post that bbsupport replied to and explained the image limit size.
@bbsupport Could you please confirm if the image size limits are currently the same as you posted previously.


Boy sitting blue eyes


blue eyes


Blue eyes


baby in ducky sleeper