Baby UNO - Fun Game! Come Play!


smocked dress


Oriental baby.




Baby looking in a basket!


Baby and basket


Elf in basket


Elf in a basket


Baby in basket


Awake baby in a basket :slight_smile: I have so many basket pics that we could do this forever :rofl:


Babies in a basket


Hand in mouth


Baby in a purse @Mommarobin I’m not as fast as you, so Baby laying on Yellow! :wink: On her side.


Baby with paci


Where did you get those tiny vinyl nipples for the bottle? I can’t find them anymore.


@jeanhai That is one of those Pet Bottles for Puppies and Kittens, lol!


Not exactly the one I have but similar. You could probably take the label off with Goof Off. I chose to leave mine on.


I was buying just the replacement nipples, 5 in a package, and swapping them for the hard plastic ones on baby shower favor bottles. They were perfect. PetAg told me they’re not making them anymore. They’re using silicone ones now and they’re not the same size or shape. They’re probably fine for animal babies but not reborns. I wish I had bought 10 or 15 packages when I had the chance.


Oh no, mine is from Tru Value Hardware here in NM. Maybe they have some in your area. I just looked at mine and it is Lixit. Hope that helps.


I bought the latex Pet nipples (no holes) from PetAg… sorry to hear they are discontinued… Loved that they had no holes.


How many do you want?