if I bake for 4 min until I reach 300 would it be fine?


I bake for 8 minutes on 265. I wouldn’t recommend using a higher temperature because the vinyl will start to melt.


thanks, is that my oven broke and while the other one did not want to be doing nothing and I thought to put it at that temperature and look at it constantly :grin:, will the paint be cured at that temperature?


Yes it is the recommended temperature for Genesis heat set paints from everything I have read.


and if I bake 4 min to 300 watching that the paint does not melt, it will stick well?


I bake at 255 for 10 mins :slight_smile:


It’s not the paint I’d worry about. The vinyl will melt and put off bad fumes.


Thank’s :kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes:


Turn the temperature down and put your thermometer in it and find what temperature setting will give you 265. The off brands hardly ever have an accurate temperature guage .I have 2 NuWaves and 2 off brands …Neither of my off brands can be set by the button .One i have to set at 150 and the other requires 325 to reach and stay at 265 long enough to set the paints correctly…Both of my NuWave ovens work perfectly at 265.I only use my NuWave ovens unless I absolutely have to pull the others out.


you do need a thermometer My Magic Chef always works great but i have to set the temp on 300 to get an accurate 265.