BB Paint Party 5/7/19


This are not her eyes, but I couldn’t wait to put her together. I’m not done yet. I’m just inpatient. :grinning:


Sounds good @Lil this is not a race. :wink::slightly_smiling_face:
@mcurbelo you are fast, she is looking good!


I find big kits so much easier to paint. :slight_smile:


@mcurbelo …and fast! She is adorable!


She’s cute. Are you gonna root her hair?


Thanks. My son said she looks scary with those purple eyes :joy: but they where the only once I had her size.


Yeah, I know, but Im excited :wink:


Oh wow, she’s looking great…cant wait to see her all finished :slight_smile:


Wow , that was fast , She is looking good


Thank you. I have poison ivy, so I have been painting to distract me from the itch. :grin:


Here is a wip of lady bug. I wanted her a chocolate brown. But I can never get my paint mixture right. So she will stay this color. The last bake put a lil dent in her head.


Nice skin tone!


I think her colouring is great!


Thank you


Thank you


I like the color too-very nice


Beautiful @mcurbelo and @Msmimi04 you are fast painters and your dolls are looking great!:grin:
I feel like I am so slow right now. First set of primary washes and a little blushing. :slight_smile:

5 more days of school and then I will have more time to paint :grinning::two_hearts:


got the itch , i think i might join in!!


Thank you. I have been home for a few weeks :wink:
But yours is getting there. I think color babies show progress faster. I normaly paint hispanic babies, so when I do cocatian baby I find that it takes longer. Is all the layes that it takes to make the skin look realistic. Can’t wait to finish your done. Are you making boy or girl?