BB Paint Party 5/7/19


Thank you :blush:


Some progress. I love this hair. Is a little hard to root because of the curls, but I love the texture and how it looks.


How do you stuff this big girl. Do I weight her head with beads like any other baby? Do I weight her arms and legs? and how much bead in the limbs? Thanks!!!


@mcurbelo Love that hair! It looks so familiar, lol! I need to know how to stuff her too!

@aclovly The body I have is a 20 or 22 BB body so I am not using that. I ordered this one.


Love the hair can flatiron the ends to make them straight. It should curl back after you wet it.


Love it, Love it


Oh, Ok. I was wondering if I can adjust my body some. I am going to check my stash, I might already have something else that will work


Okay I will guess something that looks like it maybe should be dead but isn’t ? just throwing that out there judging by your preferences :smile:


I did not weight my Kitten’s head, only used poly fil. I did not fill the limbs all the way to the knee with glass beads either. Then added bags glass beads on the bottom of body and at the top to help balance it all. Mine weighted 8 1/2 pounds


I really like Jo’s coloring, I was hoping to achieve the same coloring on kitten.

I need to do more on the lips. But do you think I should do another wash of burnt umber ? My dolls tend to go more yellow than I like most of the


Great idea. Thanks. I didn’t think about that. I did it with Liam’s hair and totaly forgot about it. Human hair is so much easier to work with. :blush:


I wish I was patient to order that body, but I want to see her done already :grinning:


You welcome. I said the same thing.


Im going away for the weekend, but I can’t leave without seen her with clothes. :grin: She is still mostly bald, but still cute.


She is beautiful! @mcurbelo


Thank you!!!:two_hearts:


Beautiful, will wait to see her completely dressed n hair done.


Wow and you can leave her over the weekend ? you are really strong LOL


I hate rooting so I’m happy to take a break. :grinning:


Yeah I get that but she is looking so sweet I figured you would have a hard time waiting to finish her now :smile: