BB Paint Party 5/7/19


She’s so adorable!!
I hear you with the rooting…Ive started doing some combo hair but some babies you just have to root the whole head. Im probably going to root my Cookie. Im doing Brooklyn and Yael right now and hoping to join the paint party after :wink:


right!!? Some babies need to have big hair :grinning:


I have a terrible Chest Cold but stopped by to see what is going on, lol! I see we have another party started by @MilosMeadows The more parties the merrier! :smile:

Old Kit Paint Party


I assume ladybug doesn’t need a magnet for a pacifier. A pacifier can be cut/modified to fit in her mouth. If you have modified a pacifier for her, can you post a picture. Thanks


I’m in the process of rooting ladybug. I have stuffed her limbs. But, I need to take in the front part of the body before i attach the limbs to the body. Here is a picture of her feet. What stage are you at on your kit? I tried different shoes on her. I decided to go with the white sandals to go with her outfit.



Those are some cute feet!


Thank you


Love the sandals!


Thank you


Hope you get to feeling better @Anne


You are on the ball !!! My weekend did not go as planned so I was not able to complete my painting. I am getting there, slowly but surely. Hope to have more time this week to get to rolling. I wish I could find a nice pair of sandals for mine. How are you going to adjust your body?


Thank you. I’m going to stitch the front stomach In some, So it won’t have that hump.


Had a rough day yesterday but I am up today. @marrabo thanks for the well wishes. This is officially the worst cold or whatever in the world, lol! My throat is still sore and my muscles that are used for coughing are hurting. :nauseated_face:

@Msmimi04 Cute feet and shoes! Did a little rooting on Kitten day before yesterday now I am looking for some better eyes!


@msmimi04 Love the white sandals (reminds me of my daughters when she was little), but the shoes and other sandals are cute also.
@Anne Praying that you heal from whatever it is, kind of sounds like flu symptoms.


@RidgetopCreations Thank you, I didn’t think about that, lol. I rarely get this sick, never had the flu. I am usually out for three days and back up but this has not let me be usual sick self. Instead I have turned into a sick monster.



@Anne , so sorry… hope you feel better soon.:two_hearts:.


Well take care rest and reset you have more babies to make and real ones to play with :sunny:


Thank you, yes I do!


Wip of ladybug getting hair.


Nice hair, pretty color!