Berenguer dolls?



Has anyone here ever used a Berenguer doll (like the ones from Walmart, etc.) To make a reborn baby? And if so, does anyone have any tips on how to reborn these baby dolls? And any pictures of your final results?
Ty in advance!


Yes, years ago when reborning was just beginning (before blank kits were produced) we used Berenguer dolls. They are easy to reborn. I use GHSP but their heads are kinda hard to root so wigs are great. I will look in my albums for some pics of my older reborns


I have years ago , they make adorable babies but they have grooves on the head and you have to strip all the paint off before you can work on them. Used to take hours to sand the grooves down and stip etc
They are hard to root ( in my opinion)



So cute!


Wow. The first and last ones are adorable.


Thank you.


These are my Berenguer babies, I did enjoy working with them.

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Adorable! Where would be best to buy berenguer baby dolls? Ebay is crazy on their prices right now.


Look at target. They are around 30 I think. Here is one I did for practice before I bought a kit.



Just wondering why you would bother with a berenguer doll when you can get kits much cheaper. No sanding down hair, no hard heads? Just interested why?


When I started reborning, I practiced on four Berenguers before I painted my first real kit. I mainly used the La Newborns. I found many of them on eBay cheap.


I understand that the kits are a great price, but if I can find a TLC Berenguer at, say, a thrift store, then I would def. Try reborning on the thrift store dolly before I go possibly ruining (lol) a perfectly good kit. If I find that my play doll reborn comes out well, then I will purchase a kit. I understand that it is a lot of work to reborn a Berenguer, but to me it may just give me more experience and help me to learn from my mistakes.


These are all so beautiful everyone!


That’s exactly what I did was too nervous to start on a kit and wanted to get a feel for the paint first🙂


It helps. You can practice skin tones and washes. It took me about three months of working on those before I tried a BB kit.


Here are two of them. The first one was painted with air dry, and the second one with Genesis, late 2013.


Sold this guy on eBay for $25. He was my second Berenguer.


The reason I started with berenguers was because when I started we had those and ashton drake dolls. That’s literally all there was. We didn’t have kits. They hadn’t been invented yet. Now I do it for the same reason I reborn other kits. I love the faces and I feel called to do them.


I also love the faces on the Berenguers and still do one occasionally. I just root over the grooves. If the hair isn’t too sparse it looks just fine. Walmart also sells them.