Best oven for heat setting paints


Hi everyone, I’m planning to buy an oven for heat setting Genesis paints. Is the NuWave the best or what does everyone recommend?


Yep, Nuwave with extender ring is awesome! Bake outside if at all possible.

Type “Nuwave” into the magnifying glass at the top of the page and you’ll get tons of great info on it. :blush:


I love my Nuwave. Use it in the bathroom with the fan running and window open if possible. Do not use it inside the house where there is no ventilation. Maybe use in the garage or back porch or bathroom with window open and ceiling fan going.
I bake almost everything at power level 6 for 8 minutes. However there are some rare things that must be baked lower. I did one stomach that had some bubbles and it had serious issues. I did get a replacement but some vinyl is thinner so you have to really think it through when deciding if you should lower the power level to 4 or something. I always finish all my baking before I do eyelashes, hair and inserting eyes.


I use an off brand made by Rosewill, with extender ring. It was much cheaper than a nuwave. I’ve been using it for about a year with no issues. Once I figured out exactly what temp to put it on to reach 265 (using an oven thermometer), I’ve just left the temp setting where it needs to be. It works great, and was cheap! I’ve heard some stories about the plastic nuwave dome cracking but mine is glass so that shouldn’t be an issue.


Does it blow the air around inside of it?


It’s a convection oven, so it does circulate the air, but I’ve never seen it blowing noticeably. This is the one I have (it comes with an extender ring)


I’ve wanted a convection oven to go back to my genesis paints, but looking at the nuwaves is daunting they are sooo expensive.
Never even thought I could get an ordinary convection oven.
Does yours work just fine? And sorry for being ignorant but what’s an extender ring?


It adds inches to the inside and raises the heating element away from the kit
(on the ovens like the one above you put it on top of the glass bowl, then the lid on to it… on a nuwave it goes on the bottom, then the dome is attached to the lid.


Thanks everyone, I ordered a Nuwave with extender ring online from Wal-Mart for $85. I’m sure it’ll make life easier.


Mine works great! I’ve never had any issues with it. Before I ever baked a baby, I put an oven thermometer in it and ran it several times to find out exactly what temp it needed to be set at to reach 265. After that, I just left the temp setting alone. I DO always bake with the oven thermometer in, just to be sure the temp stays accurate. I also always set the timer on my phone as well as the one on the oven, because the oven’s timer is a dial and it’s difficult to get it set for exactly 8 minutes. It’s been a great oven, though. I’ve used it for about a year with no issues.


Wow that’s a great price. All the ones here on ebay in Australia are $600 and up.


Can you not order from ? They have a 2 for the price of one deal going on now.


I got my Nuwave from QVC, they ship all over the world. Maybe you can check with them. Make sure you get the extender ring and use an oven thermometer inside the oven. You need to make sure your paint is reaching the recommended curing temperature------if you cook it “too” hot it will disappear your paint!! At least that’s what I have found to be true. I use to cook on power level 7------now I cook on power level 6. My paint was always disappearing on #7.


Hi, sorry to jump in here but I’ve been looking for an answer all over the internet and just came across your comment. I was wondering when you say you found out which temp to put it on so it reaches 265, do you mean that you put it on a higher temp and it gets to 265 fairly quick and stays there? I’ve been putting mine on exactly 265 and watching the temperature rise. It takes nearly a full 8 minutes to reach where I need it to be. So I’m wondering when you bake your baby for 8 minutes is that inclusive of the time it takes your thermometer to reach 265 or do you watch it and wait for it to reach 265 and then start timing your 8 minutes? Because there’s obviously no way to preheat these ovens, I’m a little nervous. I’m so worried about melting the vinyl or not setting my paint well enough.


If you’re using a standard oven thermometer, it takes a while to show the actual temperature inside the oven. I’ve r ad that the vinyl only needs to reach curing temp for a few minutes. When I first started reborning I wondered about preheating too. I was advised it wasnt necessary. As long as your oven is reaching 265 you should be fine. I also leave my parts in the oven to cool down, without taking the lid off. After your pieces are fully cooled, you can test the cure by rubbing a wet (with water) qtip over the paint. If any paint comes off it isn’t cures properly.


Thank you so much for this reply! It has helped to reassure me I’m doing the right thing. When I did my test piece I also left it to cool down inside, I didn’t think to rub a q-tip over it when I took it out though so I will definitely give that a try. Thanks again!


I cook most of mine for 8 minutes on power level 6 (nuwave oven) for almost all things. At the end when baking the varnish. I do it twice in a row with a short cooling period in between the last two bakes. Comes out perfect every time. However with one bb belly I had issues with bubbles, so my thought is, if the vinyl looks thin, only do it for like 4-5 minutes at 40% and keep an eye on it. Stop it if anything doesn’t look right. Report bubbles and warping right away for replacements. If there are considerable bubbles I think a replacement is in order.