Biracial punkin


I got questions ! Do u do molting like a Caucasian baby the same on a biracial baby and are creases the same color?


You can, depending on the color of the baby. The darker you go you wouldn’t see it anyway.



I don’t no what to do inside mouth it’s too pink


If you feel like it is too pink, put a earth mint wash on it to tone down the pink.


Ok so here is punpkin in good sunlight she needs something else and I don’t know what she is supposed to be biracial! I love her color just feel like it needs something else !


Maybe some forehead shading? image


I was going to say shading too!


I’ve never done shading before how do I do this


I either do a few extra layers of the skin tone or a color slightly darker than the skin tone. You apply it similar to blushing. Blend it outward until it looks similar to the drawing above.


Here is my favorite! @Granna