Brand NEW Realborn® Jennie! A Must See! Prototypes on eBay now!


Real Baby


Hello Everyone!

We are excited to announce our brand new Realborn® Jennie! Prototypes of both awake and asleep Jennie are on eBay now. Jennie was the sweet baby that was on the homepage of our new website when it first launched back in March. Many of you have been wondering who she is. I’m happy to say this little girl is my daughter, who is named after me, and she is also Nevin and Denise’s granddaughter.

These beautiful prototypes were both reborn by the very talented Samantha Rose-Harker. You can be the first to make this little girl yours! Be sure to check out her auctions: and Her auctions are also featured on our homepage at

Jennie will be the first Realborn® to have both the awake and asleep version released at the same time, which will be perfect for making a set of twins! You can find more information about her by viewing her items on our website: and If you would like to see more real baby photos, click this link:

Have a wonderful day!

Bountiful Baby


I was just looking at these on ebay about 20 minutes ago, I love their feet and the asleep versions mouth :slight_smile:


They’re super cute kits!


I LOVE that the kits have different facial expressions! :heart:


She is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing her with the reborn world! I also think releasing both the awake and asleep versions are a great idea for twins! Wow! So beautiful!


Please stop ! :joy: I can’t follow ! You are too fast for me !:anguished:


I want both of them. They are super cute.

BB is really trying hard to drain my PP account… looks like they are succeeding a bit. :blush:


Your daughter is a precious little princess! :heart_eyes: :princess: I had to look twice - she looks like a living doll in the first pic! Sooo cute!

Just a note: Maybe you could consider to make different limbs for the awake/asleep versions in future, so that they look more realistic as “twins”.


She’s precious!


She is dear💕