Bruised Berenquer Reborn Question


I Found 3 Used Berenquer Dolls at a Church Sale and they were both fully clothed with hats on their heads and because their was a bunch of others looking at the other baby dolls I just grabbed the Berenquers before anyone else grabbed them up (yes i was being selfish lol) but when i got them home, underneath the clothes the vinyl on 2 of the dolls is bruised and I have tried many techniques to get rid of the bruising and I am not sure if I know what I am doing to remove the bruises!
The 3rd Berenquer is a La’Newborn and its skin tone looks Blueish/Purplish like as if it was a human its lacking oxygen or something.
My Question is if there is anyway to save these babies so I could reborn them or no?


It’s possible that they were the earlier reborned dolls. Back then an internal blue wash was often used, but over time it could bleed through the vinyl to the outside. You could take it apart to check on that.


Sorry My The first attempt of uploading the photos didn’t work


I noticed them now, haha.


Lol sorry about that


I dont think they were reborned because there was no paint on them?


Hm, have you tried acne cream? I haven’t used it myself but some people have great success with that.


Looks like it may be from clothing dye and after years it may have absorbed into the vinyl


Yeah i tried that and i even tried peroxide and some other diy recipes online and they lightened the stains up a little bit but not much after that. Im going crazy with trying to fix this because i so want to reborn the big Berenguer because i like the details of the open mouth and that it has tonsils and i can only image how cute it would be reborned! Lol


Cindy so would that mean that they can’t be fixed?


Deedee i hot soaked the la’ newborn to try and look inside him/her but all of the joints are sealed and that would have been my next question as to get those off lol


If they lightened a bit, maybe keep going? Keep it on for longer?


Well since they are already in the condition that the very bruised looking one is,I would try acetone.You have to work fast ,wear gloves and rinse it off quickly to keep from damaging the vinyl more.Take it apart and work on one limb at a time so you can work faster.I doubt they have the blue wash inside because they don’t look like they were ever painted to me.Looks more like stains to me.Could be dye stains or ink stains.The LaNewborn looks like it is in the best shape and the easiest fix. LaNewborns make lovely reborns. The original paint from the factory comes off with little effort.


Try setting it in the sun with the acne cream on it for a few days. One of my older dolls has the frostbite blue syndrome and it works on that but only temporarily. She will always need sun baths, lol. Your doll looks like it’s a dye stain so I would giv it a try.


Thats what i was going to suggest also … if its too cold out under a light might work. I did this to get ink out fefore and it took a while a week or two but it worked.


The acne cream can take few days to ork; if it shows signs of lightening I would keep persevering, leaving it at warm place on window so it gets as much of sun as possible.


You can try 100 % acetone nail polish remover. It has worked wonders for me when trying to remove stains from my dolls.


Thank you everyone i am going to try each suggestion! Lol


That actyally worked for the marker that was on the doll!