Can Americana Soft-Touch Varnish be used without cornstarch?


No, I just put it dry into my varnish :wink:


Awe, hes so cute. Did you make his outfit?


@Lil Yes, I did (and very proud of myself :blush:), and yesterday I’ve made a mocassin for him - just one, didn’t have time for another one. That sleeping and going to the day work takes all the fun out of my life :rofl:


That moccasin is adorable.


You are so talented! I am not very good at making clothes, Im sending my daughter to a sewing class so Im hoping she can manage, she’s doing pretty good with her little knitted hats that she makes for my babies. I love the little moccasins, the little dragonfly is so cute!


Thank you @Lil. I adore her hats on your babies, as well as pictures when she holds your babies, they always look so sweet :heart_eyes:. And yes, sent her to the sewing class, it comes handy for minies.


Yeah, I think she will like it and she is like her oldest sister, very creative.


I’ve used it without a shine problem.


So I’m thinking of using the soft touch but not sure how to use it. How much cornstarch and how much varnish?


@Lslusher1 Here is the recipe developed by @anjsmiles
20 drops water
1/4 tsp cornstarch
1 level plastic spoon of soft touch varnish
Dissolve cornstarch in water. Add soft touch varnish and mix well.
Apply with a cosmetic sponge.


Ok thanks so much!


Yelena has talked me through her soft touch varnish process, and I am happy to say it greatly improved both of my dolls! I will no longer be using Genesis varnish! Thanks again, @YelenaRey!



I wanna use the air dry varnish, but I can find the soft touch varnish


Where do you live? You should be able to get it online.


I use decoart soft touch. Recently ordered from here. it was right around $10 for me (including shipping, shipping varies by location)




Is this the right stuff?


That’s it!


It worked great. And it was way more cooperative than the Genesis. I got mine on Amazon.


Ok, cool!! I’m gonna try it!