Can Americana Soft-Touch Varnish be used without cornstarch?


I’ll check it out! Thanks!


This is @anjsmiles recipe. So all credits goes to her! I am just a happy user :slight_smile:Thank you @anjsmiles!!


Well, they only ship to the US :frowning:


Well dang


I would be happy to ship you some if you would like me to.


That’s awesome!! I’ll let you know!


Yes! Thank you @anjsmiles! Great recipe!


I ordered off amazon but yet to use it.


Love the look!!


Wonder if tap water would be ok to use?


I wouldn’t. I used it instead of distilled once in my paint. A couple of months later the paint was moldy.


Ok then I will wait till I get some…thanks


You will love it! But you have to be careful with lint and fuzzies floating through the air. They will stick when it’s wet! My toddler was running around and I had to make her freeze and exit the room because she was kicking up little tiny fibers :smile:


How long is drying time usually?


Mine were both dry to the touch within the hour. I dressed them only a few hours later to take photos.


Ok great to know


Has anyone used this product to add a satiny finish to their babies, like Genesis Satin, or is it too shiny?