Can you guys measure your 10 inch babies?


I am trying to knit for a 10 inch baby. My first attempt turned out a little bigger because it fits Caleb, besides me making the sleeves too short and having to add to them. I’m thinking maybe my second attempt is closer to what it needs to be. I’m wondering if someone who has a 10 inch baby could measure it for me so I know if I’m in the right ballpark. I would like to know how long the arms are from armpits to wrists, Around the chest, how long from neck to crotch, how long the legs are, and circumference of the head. It would’ve great if a few different people with different babies could give their measurements. I’m just about to start a blue one and I don’t want to have to rip anything out or add to it again later. Thanks everyone.


That’s so cute! I love how the yarn comes out looking like little hearts.


I don’t have a 10 inch baby anymore but that outfit is adorable!


Don’t have a 10” but I’ve been meaning to get an unpainted one for exactly this reason, so I can sew little outfits. These knit ones are adorbs! I hope some people are able to give measurements!


I have sewing some outfits on my to do list as well, I’m just working out the knitting first. Some day I’ll get to it.


I didn’t even notice that, I just saw flecks, but I can see it in the picture for sure.


I am so in love with this, perfect color and style! I adore sleeping gowns!


I have a BB Byron if that helps my measurements may not be precise however it will give you a idea I suppose .
Arms 4 " ,legs 5 1/2 ", neck to crotch is 6 ",chest is 10 " and the head is 9 " hope this may help .


I might have to up my hat size for the smaller suit. I think that’s the same size head Caleb had, Byron must have a big ole noggin the small hat probably won’t fit him.


BB has 8 and 3/8 as head however my tape said 9 LOL and his body from neck to crotch measurement may also be on the BB site they usually are so you or I could compare mine to those .
Okay I checked the body measurement on the site it says 4 inch and something however mine is stuffed so could throw it off .


I have Byron also…

about 8 3/4" around the head
about 8.5" around the chest
about 4" arms
about 5.5" from neck to crotch
about 5.5" from hip to heel


How about the leg inseam, like from the crotch to the heel? Maybe the neck to the heal would be helpful too if you don’t mind.


I would say about 4" from inner thigh to heel
about 5" from the middle of the crotch area to the heel

Byron is froggy… so measuring is strange. lol
Maybe 9" from neck to heel?
I will add a pic in a min.


Oh ya I see what you mean, he is froggy. The picture helps, thanks.


I can measure mini Steffie after work!!


Now you’re making me want a 10" baby. Those little outfits are adorable! :heart_eyes:


So sweet.


Made this little hat a booties. Working on a little sweater to go with them.


Are they made on the Loom? So cute!


No, they are knit on needles.