Charlotte Lechner fininshed


Here is my Charlotte sculpted by Petra Lechner. I have had this kit for years and decided to finally get her done. I hope you like my little red head.


…her and her dress too


She is adorable, very well done. Are you keeping her or selling her? Beautiful baby and love her hair!!


I love the hair!


Beautifully done. Petra would have been proud. :two_hearts:


Thank you! @andik, @lynn (yes I am selling her) and @AmyR777


Thank you so much! I started her right before Petra left us so it took me a while to finish her.


She is beautiful!!! I love the look of this sculpt…she looks a little bit older…is she a big-ish baby??


Thank you! She was advertised as a 20 inch kit, but when I tried that size it did not fit her proportions. So I made her a longer body and she is now 23 inches.


I really do love her!!! She’s gorgeous!! :heart_eyes:


Lovely! What gorgeous hair! How big is she?


Thank you! @JackieJo
Thank you! @Marissa She is 23 inches.


Just beautiful…She looks very lifelike…I love everything about her…!


Lovely work…The hair is perfect for her…love her outfit too…The colours go nicely with her skin tones and hair colour! :smile:


She’s stunning. Her little outfit is beautiful xx


To sweet and I am partial to little gingers :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I love this one, but for a very special reason. My youngest birth daughter (I have adopted kids too) is a red head, and her name is Charlotte too!


Me too!


@flymetotheisle Thank you.
@westernstarr Thank you.
@SilentSleepers Thank you.
@smcoddi Thank you.
@honojane Thank you. My Mother was a red head so they are very special to me also…


Beautiful work! Adorable kit too!