Chubba bub Joseph


I have to say that I LOVE this kit ~ takes paint like a DREAM! Felt like sharing my awesome pics…you guys know I’m kidding :laughing: If I ever get a nice clear pic of ANYTHING, I’ll probably pass out! Anyway this one is spoken for, but I will definitely be doing one for myself!


Looking good!


Just kinda paints itself doesn’t it?
I love yours, his er…little hands look so cute, and those feeties, love them!!..also awesome mottling :slight_smile:


Love the mottling on the belly. The hands also look great, those fingernails are really well done.


You are doing such a wonderful job on him, he is so adorable! You all are making me want his kit so bad!


Thanks so much for your kind comments, everyone ~ still a ways to go, but I’m enjoying this one :blush:


OMG so cute!!!


Thank you, Simone! I’m noticing how his color doesn’t seem to match ~ I swear, his color matches.

Skills. Yep. I definitely should be a photographer :laughing: :laughing:


Niece :heart_eyes:


Gorgeous as usual, love his fat tummy plate. Just want squish his fat tummy, so real.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you! :blush:


Oh! Looking Lovely!


Thank you! :blush:


Wow I am in awe of the lovely mottling on that belly plate and oh my goodness those TOES! I wanna kiss them! So precious Karen!!


Thank you, Katie ~ I just LOVE him so much…not bragging about my painting, it’s the kit I am in love with. I can’t wait to get him finished so I can assemble and hold him :heart: Are you going to do one? I think you’d love painting it!


Very sweet!


He’s looking fabulous! Will he remain a boy?


the rolls!


Thank you! Yes, mama wants a boy. :blue_heart: