CONFESSION..your weakest doll making skill


I don’t cut hair after rooting. I cut the sections to the length I want it to be in the end and root it that way. I may occasionally have to trim a long strand. But for the most part, what you see when I post mine is exactly what was rooted. It’s so much easier this way and you have no hair waste.


Yeah, this is what I did with a Saskia, and it worked well :slight_smile:


They look great! Beautiful Kimi.


Eyes, I HATE setting eyes!! I prefer sleeping babies. All the rest of it I can handle.


I hated setting eyes to but used a hemostat on some eyes last night .I heard of it yearsago never thought it would work well.boy did it take the work out .Now making.them look sideways that still tricky


Eyebrows… and it will probably always be eyebrows.



Eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes on open eyed babies, rooting hair… Too many things. But I’m enjoying myself, I guess. Haha.


Getting the eyebrows semi even. Hate that part. You get one to look great and the other is crappy. Not loving opened eye eyelash tooting either. The needle tears up my eyelids.


Mottle and nailtips. It’s ruined every kit I’ve made. Well not the nailtips but mottling does. It’s why I switched to genesis. I can thin my paints down more and it’s better looking to me. And ghsp forgives. Air dry remembers everything!