We talked about this a while back. Now Truborns came up with it. Too high priced for my taste. But cute, none the less. :wink:


Wait is that 89.99 just for the body?


Yep! Crazy huh? Looks like another potentially profitable project for @RoseannsBoutique. Most of us would pay more than regular cuddle body price for one of these. But I doubt many will pay $90 for one. :wink:


I remember your Test Head Jackpot topic and how you talked about it. I thought it was a great idea.

That price though… :confused: Who pays that much?? Even if its weighted&stuffed , still way too much for my taste.


Oh wow, you would have to be crazy. Some kits are crazy expensive now and lots of people like cuddle babies because they are relatively cheap but not if your paying that for the body. Why does it come already stuffed ect as well. Some collectors do not like heavy reborns and some love them so you would loose half your market depending on how they weight them. Definitely not worth the money.


I have a set of porcelain face babies that are like this, they have animals like toucans and bears and a butterfly I think they are called cuddle cuties now sure I’ll have to check the tag


There used to be Anne Geddes babies like this too. My daughter had several cute little bears.


The body is already stuffed and weighted. That is a huge time saver. I think the price is justified since the fabric is not basic and may be harder to sew and more expensive.


I have an Anne Geddes bear. I love it.


That’s more than I would pay for one for sure.


Those kinds of bodies have been around for many years. It’s NOT a new thing. People used to use the “Sugar Britches” (porcelain) heads in them a lot!!


Yep. My daughter had the Anne Geddes bear babies 20 years ago. But on a different thread, we were discussing them as an option for test heads. I’m not sure if anyone on here went through with that idea. But several of us were talking about doing it. We all knew there had been lots of dolls with that kind of body. But so far we hadn’t seen reborns with them. Now Truborns has one. That shows we weren’t the only ones thinking of them. Too bad the Truborns one is so expensive.


I was gonna say that RoseannsBoutique could most likely make those, and for way less than that price! That is absolutely insane! It would no doubt be more because of the cost of the fabric, but, it would be worth it for folks who like that. She may have to change some little thing so it would not be exactly like theirs, you know – copyrights, and such!


Only people with more money than they have sense. :slight_smile: That is a saying from my childhood.


I sew and faux fur fabric is a little more difficult to work with but does not cost any different than good quality cotton/jersey/satin/silk fabric and they as a business can buy wholesale and in larger quantities to keep the price down. The only fabrics that get very expensive are branded ones, antique lace and real fur (which I would never buy).


I think this is adorable, but would not pay this price. Maybe $40. $50 max… and I would want control of the weighting. If I gave it to a child, it would need to be light.


That’s exactly what I want to do for my cat’s head. It’s hard to sew. And I am not sure if it would be possible to sell them without weight. You can’t close opening with velcro…
Certainly not so expensive though.


You can get a stuffed bear take the stuffing out and head off to make a hat and basically do the same thing. I have a couple of stuffed bears to try, just haven’t done it yet. I got the idea from someone on this forum but do not remember who. @Bellybutton same thing with a stuffed cat!


Good idea ! Just need to find the wright size !


Yep - Goodwill!