Cuddle body in a woodland print


This has got to be one of my all time favorite prints, I just found it last night.
This will make an 18/19” Cuddle baby.
$16+ shipping.


Do you ship to Canada ?


I do, I’ll need your address to figure out how much shipping will be.


My postal code is L8L7a4


Let me try this.


According to usps it will be $10.00


I would like to buy it please


It’s yours. Do you need me to send you a PayPal request. If so, I’ll need your email.

Thank you


I will need a PayPal request please my email is


Sent. Thank you


Thank you for your payment. Here’s your tracking number



My favorite too!


I love your cuddle bodies. Makes me want to make a cuddle baby just so I can use one of your bodies.