I know…I am blowing up the board with all my boys.:stuck_out_tongue: Another one ready to list.


That’s the most realistic Harper I’ve ever seen :heart_eyes:


I second that!!! I love him!! I didn’t even think I liked Harper… but I LOVE yours!


I agree with the others, what an amazingly realistic Harper! Never seen such a beautiful one!
You make me wanna get one.


Wow! He’s perfect :ok_hand:


I love his hair!! He looks awesome!!


Thanks so much, ladies!:kissing_heart:


I LOVE this one! So realistic.


I love the job you did! So awesome! Is his hair painted?


Yes, it’s painted.:slightly_smiling_face:


WOW! Most gorgeous Harper EVER! :blue_heart:


Thanks so much for you kind words. I do consider Harper to be a bit of a challenge.:slightly_smiling_face:


Beautiful Boy :slight_smile: Love how realistic yours is.


Oh my goodness!! He is BEYOND adorable!!! I am so in love


Wow he is so real looking, love him!


I hope I can learn to paint hair so well. You really do make beautiful dolls.


Thank you, Jacelyn!


oh my word, he is PRECIOUS…
how did you stuff his limbs and body? I love how floppy he looks.


The limbs are about 1/2 beads and 1/2 polyfill. I fill the torso the same as my regular babies…pouches of beads and polyfill.


ok, that’s about how I did it too.
1/2 beads as in poly pellets or steel shot or glass?
do you enclose them in anything or just pour them in?

thanks :slight_smile: