Cute Jasper/Clover Bodies


Just thought I’d show a couple of cute bodies for Jasper/Clover. By @RoseannsBoutique

They are perfect!



My issue with the patterns is… I never know what the baby will be until it is finished… lol
I would have to buy 2 of each style lol


Same here… I just ordered two cuddle bodies (for different kits) but picked colors that could go either way. We’ll see how that goes… Lol


I don’t know if she has mentioned it here yet or not but Roseann is planning to make up some cuddle bodies that have little booties and mitts already made onto the body. Opens up more clothing options.I saw a printed one she has worked up already but is thinking of making doe suede also.


These are just two that I ordered I have a few more different colors. She was very quick with them.
@MaryJane I’ll bet they are awesome, can’t wait to see them!


Super adorable!


I got my Joe body from her…she does great work and the shipping wasn’t bad at all to France. I bought a blue body with bunnies from a lady in the UK. I think its a cute idea because if you happen to see part of the body it just looks like they are wearing a body suit.


These are really cute but I think I would prefer plain flesh or white bodies as I would fear these colors could show through clothes. JMO


They are special projects. So they will be fine. I do have others, I just didn’t post them. I will when I use them. They are awesome too!