What?!?!? PG has been dethroned? :astonished::stuck_out_tongue:


@kareninflorida I asked if he was a custom because you usually paint hair on your babies.


I like what you did with him. His coloring is beautiful, you are making me want to paint him!!!


Beautiful baby!


I painted another one for a friend here in town…he’s bald, too :blush:

Perfect head for a baldy!


Let’s see him :blush::heart_eyes:


Ok! :blush:Some of my famous phone pics, LOL…I didn’t do an official photo shoot for him:

Does anyone take worse pictures??? I don’t think so!!! :grin::slight_smile::joy:


He’s simply amazing Karen!!! I’m in love!! I use my cell only lol


Thank you, Vannie!!! :blush:


You skin is fantastic Karen.If only I could get there
Darren really is at the top of my list too
now. When finished almost kept him!


Thank you! Didn’t you just FALL IN LOVE while you painted??! :blush::gift_heart: