Desperate times call for desperate measures


Daddy is busy making hay on another farm and Olivia “needs to swim soooooo bad” .
The kiddie pool is locked in the shed and the key is with Daddy. So Mommy to the rescue…


Ask her to move over – I’d like to stop by as it looks so cool and breezy there. See if you she can make room for one more!


I have a ton of storage containers. We could dump them all and each have our own 41 quarts of refreshing fun LOL


By the way it is 96 degrees right now at 5:48 PM.


I’m coming over too save me a tub! That looks like lots of fun!!


What’s the temp at your location??


We were out in the blow up pool today we had so much fun. Shes too cute and you live in a gorgeous place i wish my family and i could more there


Usually by now we are 98 to 110 but we have had so much wind we haven’t been that HOT yet. It is 85 here right now at 4:52. I’m in Northern California up above the Napa Valley. I am hoping we don’t get that HOT just yet!!


LOL! Hey, whatever works, right? She’s so cute! If you are in to scrapbooking, these would make an awesome page!


LOL my laptop is my scrap book. Its a $500 digital photo album LOL


— Begin quote from “Karen in NE”

LOL! Hey, whatever works, right? She’s so cute! If you are in to scrapbooking, these would make an awesome page!

— End quote

being a scapbooker, that is exactly what I was thinking…

what a clever solution to her delima. she looks like she is having a blast!


Too cute… i wonder if something like that would work as a hot-tub I’m in Canada, our nights have been real cold!


LOL! That’s hilarious. Reminds me of the time I was 7 mos. pregnant during a August dog days, and sat in the kiddee pool with my 1 yr. old! What a picture that would have made!


That’s so awesome!!! My daughters got creative too and took my husbands tarp and some railroad ties and made an awesome pool. It’s amazing…whatever works!!


We should have taken a tarp into the back of Daddy’s pick up truck and filled that!! LOL That would make him notice his poor little girl’s need for her pool to be out of the shed!!


Thats precious. I might do that!


Marcy, you have such a great sense of humor. I can see where she gets it from. Those pictures are so cute.


Lol!! Too funny! Looks like she had fun!


That would be hilarous! And then take it to town and have a swimming party in the Walmart parking lot. All the other kids would be whining to their parents to buy a truck and let them try that!