Desperately looking for a piglet kit to reborn for a very deserving lady!


Hi everyone. This my first post on BB and I hope I’m following protocol. If not, please let me know and I will kindly delete my post. I am desperately searching for a piglet kit, either fawn or thistle…whether its painted or unpainted. My mother left her home and moved hundreds of miles to move in with myself and my family, due to her health. She loves reborn dolls but due to her limitations, isn’t able to reborn them herself. She loves pigs. When I showed her the reborn piglet kits her eyes got so wide! She specifically loved the kits with the eyes open. My mother suffers from depression due to the steady decline in her health. She is only 53. Shes always been so very active and now there are days she just doesn’t get up. It would thrill me to be able to get my hands on a piglet kit to reborn for her. I try constantly to lift her spirits and this would be a big deal to her! I’ve tried to find a kit online and tried to find out when BB will get them back in stock but can’t find any information. If anyone has a kit to sell or information on when they will be back in stock, your help is extremely appreciated!


If you’re really desperate, you could try here. They’re more expensive than BB and it’s a Dutch store, so shipping may be high.


Thank you! I will look into it. Im hoping to stay in the 50-70 price range but I’m definitely going to check this out. Thanks again!


I just checked it out and its over 100 American Dollars! I really can’t afford to go that high right now so I’m just going to wait and see if any other opportunities come up. Thanks again though!


I have 1 that I could let go for $60.00 shipped


messaging you annalane!!!


Pretty sure I have one too. If that doesn’t work out let me know!


OH MY GOSH! That would be amazing. I am looking for a kit with eyes open, fawn or thistle. If you have PayPal I can pay immediately. I’m hoping to stay between 50-70. If thats good for you, please reply!