Destashing of BB Kits


I’m about to clear out my dolly room to put the new flooring down and need to destash some of this mountain. Please check out my other post for nonBB kits. Shipping only within the US. These kits do NOT come with bodies.

Realborns with COAs~$45 shipped
Laila Awake
Owen Asleep
Brooklyn Asleep
Thomas Asleep
Elizabeth Asleep x2
Ashley Asleep
Quinn Asleep
Laila Asleep

Realborns without COAs~$40 shipped
Presley Asleep
Thomas Asleep
Ashley Asleep
Kase Asleep
Dominic Asleep
Marissa Asleep

Regular BB Kits~$35 shipped
Biracial Kyra
Biracial Kara


I would like a couple of kits
Presley asleep
my paypal is


Can you post a photo of the two biracial kits?


I will try to in just a bit. Have to run an errand right now.:slightly_smiling_face:



Thank you. I don’t know which one I need


Both! I did Kyra - Alternative. I like Kara’s right hand better though!


List is updated to reflect all that is still available.:grinning:


What kit is biracial kara


So you still have the kara kit


Yes. Scroll up to the pic. She is the kit on the right…the sleeping twin.


How much for both