Diaper Question


Looking for suggestions:
Do you put your babies in diapers? If so which brand do you use? Which sizes? Cloth or disposable?


I always do :slight_smile: I usually use whatever is cheapest at the store. Right now I have NB huggies, size 1 pampers and size 5 walmart brand for toddlers.


I have newborn sizes looking to add size 1-3. Wondering if size 3 is needed


Depends on what size babies you usually make. I make a lot of newborns and preemies, so i don’t need anything bigger than a 1 usually. I only got the 5 recently because I had a baby that needed them


Your right


I use mostly size 1 huggies and newborn pampers.




I have a small stash of preemie, several different styles of newborn, and a pack of size 4. I keep the babies in them because it feela more realistic as well as looking more authentic under the clothing.


I love the prints on their little bums too cute


The crawler babies (Amelia & Kenzie) wear a size 3 or 4 diaper.


Hailey also takes size 4.


Thank you now I have an idea on sizing


Thanks this helps


Dollar General, Dollar Tree, etc have these 3 pack Huggies for $1 or less in sizes 3,4,5. Coupons sometimes work on them, making them free or even getting you cash back. They are great to stock up on for toddlers. I sent my last Kenzie home wearing an Honest diaper, and I put a pack of these in the box with her.


I put mine in diapers because I feel it fills out their clothing much better. Just seems to give a better fit. The 10-inch ones I am making cloth diapers for them. Just a triangle the right size for folding in the front, and a tiny safety pin. I happen to have diaper fabric left from when my grand babies were born.



Target has a brand (7th gen?) that is suppose to be like Honest and they have cute patterns. I buy those when they are on sale. Marshalls has Honest diapers on sale once in a while, they split boxes so you can get a couple different patters.

I want to use cloth diapers but they are so expensive!


I totally forgot about target brand


I use huggies or honest diapers on the ones I sell. However several special ones in my collection have plumpie rumpies :slight_smile:


What’s that


I need some plumpie rumpies or figure out how to make them myself.