'Discontinued' Kits


I sure wish the little fairy kits weren’t discontinued… Had a lady begging me to make her one… Guess it didn’t catch on. :frowning:


i saw holly by donna rubert on ebay they said holly is sold out or being discontinued hope this is not true I love holly.
holly has the sweetest face


She isn’t sold out. They’re just saying that so people are willing to pay more for her. It’s a lie! They buy kits from Bountiful Baby and try to resell them for a higher price to make a profit. Most of the times, Bountiful Baby kits are cheaper on the Bountiful Baby website than on Ebay.


thank you glad to hear that holly not sold out




Wow, this will really come in handy! Thanks~


I wish they would bring the fairies back I have people wanting them now so they can give for Christmas presant’s I have 2 and it’s rainy would love to have the other two and more at lease 5 more
please bring them back they are so cute and fun to reborn. they are so cute. :smiley:


I always do that I go from one topic to another an post it in the wrong spot I really need to get some new glasses sorry ladies :slight_smile:


If you are talking about the Denise Pratt DVD That kit is the Paisley Kit I think you can use the 5805 body. I will check and let you know if it is a different body other than what I suggested.


O I so love Eliza. I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to visited the page, lol, to see what babies are no more. But this is a good resource to keep visible : ) thank you BB.


I wish you would bring Cricket back!!!


me tooo!


so do I


I am just curious as to why Bountiful Baby chose ELLIOTT to be among the discontinued kits. I’ve done him before, as well as EASTON (Grant is still waiting) & think he is adorable. Frankly I love all three of them, but if I had to choose one that might not be as popular, I think it would have been GRANT.


Loved your Elliotts and I always wonder why they choose to discontinue one kit over another. Must be based on sales. BTW, I love the sleep sack you have #2 dressed in - is that vintage?


Thanks Pia, actually the yellow sleep sack was from Hobby Lobby! It was intended for the the Secrist babies, but it was on sale, had a hat & was absolutely perfectly made – seams done professionally, etc. so I bought it and used it on Elliott. I really like it too.


Elliott was one of my favorites as well. I really hate that it was discontinued.
I did this one for my granddaughter in 2013.