'Discontinued' Kits




How cool is this? Never noticed some of the ones that had left. I am sad to see some of them go…


Not sure if this list is all inclusive, I received a notice that had more kits than this discontinued :disappointed:


Can you post your copy please?


Did the Carly by Denise Pratt is rare those day? I have one and i’m making a giveaway with her!


That is an old baby. Shows she was prepainted and factory rooted and came ready to assemble and give a haircut? Did you strip her and start over with reborning? Would love to see pictures!


Wow old like that? :slight_smile: I buy her on ebay by a woman who was selling some kits. I cut her hair, and painted the arms and legs with mottling and blushing. You can go see my Instagram who is : Little_reborn_artist or my youtube : Little reborn artist nursery, to see more picture! :smile: There she is! :heart:


@LittleRebornArtist Aw! She’s cute! :heart_eyes:


Sad to see that Newborn Crystal has been discontinued. :anguished:


I have the whole body on Anne but not the head. Is there anyway that I might be able to still get one?


I’m so sad to see Taite, by Denise Pratt in the list :cry:I really loved that kit. It was my first kit from bountiful baby.


it was my first kit to will always keep her because she was the first one I ever reborned


I love taite!!! He is my favorite cryer!


I would love to get one of Stormy or for them to bring out a new and improved version. He is a cutie!


@SilentSleepers found a stormy!! Ask her! :heart:


On this list of discontinued kits, are they completely gone, or are there still any available? thanks, Pam


they may be unavailable by the supplier, but others may have some, just add a post of what you are looking for, you would be surprised at what is available through our friends here.


Does anyone know if this is the most current list? PLEASE don’t discontinue Binki and Bindi for reborning!!! Does anyone know?


This list is updated by @bbsupport and should be current.


They have but some of us have picked up a few extras. I am sorry to see them go also.