'Discontinued' Kits


Is Blinkin as a boy discontinued? I see he is not in the gallery anymore.


i want ella by casie brace


Yes please!


Hi there! Not sure how the forum works yet, but if you still have and interested in selling, can you please email me? Mellismama@gmail.com. Thank you!


Sorry, didn’t see this till today. I have set up my notifications so hopefully I won’t miss any questions. The other option is send me an email so I can answer in a timely manner. :slight_smile:


I must be lost :thinking:


She asked her about posting something in July 2015, she just now saw it :slight_smile:


I can always count on you @jlesser :+1:t2::grinning:


Hey Lisa! I didn’t know you were on this forum! How’s little Everleigh?


Everleigh is wonderful, just bought her an outfit for spring and going to do a photo shoot of all my reborns. Hope all is well with you, and sorry to the others for the confusion, I was answering a post sent to me awhile back that I hadn’t seen :blush: :thumbsup:


Exactly :slight_smile:




Is it possible to post some of the new kits in the new vinly color
Thank you.



@bbsupport I believe you have retired Jacob Schenk listed as Jaden Peterson and Jaden as Jacob in the discontinued gallery??? :wink:


Thanks @mamadar82. Yes, that does look mixed up. We’ll look into it and make some changes.

Bountiful Baby


Thanks again @mamadar82. Good eye spotting that mix up. We’ve got it corrected now.



They are back now …


how do I find out the price