Do you watch soap operas, if so which ones?


Really, omg


I bet. She looked like a live Barbie when I seen her back then.


I used to watch Another World with my mom when I was in grade school. When I went to University my husband’s room mates were into Days of Our Lives so I got hooked on that for a few years. Haven’t watched soaps in over 20 years.


Yes we really like it also


Riverdale is good. It’s like bad good if you know what I mean. Gilmore girls is my fave!!


I have been watching General Hospital for about 45 years. I never miss it, I used to tape it everyday so I could Fast Forward through the commercials, I hate commercials!! Since I can’t tape on a VHS anymore, I just watch it on my computer at night. I watched Dallas years ago too. Did anyone watch Falcon Crest?


I watched Falcon Crest! I love that they are revisiting the Kevin/Ryan storyline on GH right now.


Are the actors good and the storyline immersive?


Do you have DVR or an Android attached to your TV?


Are you watching on YouTube ?


Yes, good actors. It is just kinda cheesy which is ok by me. There’s a “hardcore” gang but they have a bunch of teenagers running it, stuff like that. It is definitely immersive. I really enjoy. My teenage crushes are the dads on there so that’ll make a girl feel old lol, Luke Perry, Skeet Ulrich.


My crushes were Luke Perry, Jason Priestly, the guy who played Spike on Buffy and Angel and a few others. The guy who played Spike plays a dad on Marvel’s Runaways. I felt so old watching the parents. I was like wait how old are they. :zipper_mouth_face:


Do you like horror or Sabrina the Teenage Witch? She has a new show coming soon and it’s very different from the cartoons or the show. It’s more like the comics.


Yes, I like both. I used to watch Sabrina on nick when I was a kid.


No, I probably have the cheapest TV possible. Since it’s not something I watch much I don’t want to pay a million dollars a month to have TV.


Geez, I watch it on a channel that someone tapes and puts out there daily. No commercials. generalhospitalblogspot or something like that.


Oh wow, ok. You’re a true general hospital fan to have found that blog.


An Android TV box is less than 100 abd sonetines less 40.