Does this baby need anything


This is my most recent. Aside from hair and eyelashes. Does her skin tone need anything?


Not sure why it’s sideways! Clicking it should open up the picture


I think she looks lovely.


I think she looks very soft and pretty
I wouldn’t add to her
Great job!
What sculpt is she?


She is Macey.


I’m thinking of leaving her bald. Not sure.


All she needs now is a mommy.


She’s beautiful. I love her soft skin tones. I think some wispy eyelashes and some barely there eyebrows would finish her off nicely. JMO.


Right. I’m thinking blonde would finish her nicely. I’m thinking about keeping her. Lol!!!


She is beautiful. And bald looks good on this kit. If you do root her, I would suggest barely there blonde.


She is beautiful!!!


Wouldnt add a single thing! Shes beautiful!! :heart: